Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Learning Waterproof Playmats

Wonder Mat is a soft and safe play space for kids. It is a consequence of Taiwan. Weight of the mat is 11 pounds. It has a good density. The mat is not too soft, not too firm. The material is foam. The mat is perfect for flooring in playroom, living room or wherever you want. It works well placing in ceramic tile or wood floor.

The mat is very colorful. Both sided same design and color. Generally, there has five colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and blue. In Wonder Mat there has two types designs. One type is ordinary and simply colouerd. Another one is educational which has numbers and letters on it. First one is usable for all from kids to elders. On the other hand, second one is just for kids, age start from 0 month.

This mat is not just one single piece mat. It has 36 pieces’ foam tiles. Here, 26 pieces for A-Z alphabets and 10 pieces for 0-9 numbers. The 36 pieces has interlocking system. The mat gets full structure after hooking the pieces together. The letters are removable and easy to set also.

The Wonder Mat is very much helpful to develop the knowledge and learning skill of the kids because of its educational design. This mat is not slippery and doesn’t cause any skin problem. Don’t have any bad smells.

The mat is water-resistant. Any kind of liquid or stains can be clean up by normal water or cleaning solution. Because of its non-toxic material using, this mat doesn’t make any harmful affect for kid’s sensitive skin.

KEY FEATURES of Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Soft Foam Learning Waterproof Playmats

Long Durable

This Wonder Mat has long durability. Foam is the main material of this mat. This mat is soft enough that it can’t be break easily even if the kids bite it during play time. If you have pets at your home and they play with this mat or they do put some claw scratch marks on the mat, there does not appear any stains to the plastic which is good. This mat is sturdy also, so that it can be set in any kind of floor even in yard too. The non-recycled material makes this mat durable.

Compatible Large Size

The Wonder Mat has a large size. Kids always loves to play in open place. So they can easily play in this mat. It can spread out as per your space. How many tiles you want to join together, easily you can decide as your place or room size. This mat area is large enough that parents can sleep together with their baby. Kids started to rolls on, crwaling and learns to stand day by day.


This mat is water-proof. Any stains can easily remove from this mat by water or wet paper. The spills seem to wipe off easily. If there fall any liquid during kids tummy time or playtime it can be easily clean up bu normal wash or using any cleaning solution.

Educational Design

The mat contains 36 pieces of tiles which helps to learn and develop kids primary knowledge about education. A to Z alphabets and 0 to 9 numbers included in this mat. Kids can easily learn from this mat when they play. Even they can learn to make the words by assembling the tiles. Parents likes this very much that their kid starts to learn very fast.

Ease to Set

The mat is easy to set in anywhere. Flooring difference doesn’t matter. It is easy to assemble and interlock the tiles. By using boundery edges the mat gets completed. Although this edge set should buy through extra payment.

Perfect for Gym Time

The mat can be use when you are doing gym or yoga with family members at early morning. As this mat has a soft but sturdy cushion surface, so it is helpful and perfect for gym time use. Parents can teach gym and yoga tips or practice exercises with their children.

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  • Made of non-toxic and non-recycled material.
  • 36 pieces mat tiles.
  • Each piece of tiles is 12inch x 12inch (1 square foot).
  • Colorful design.
  • Thick and sturdy.
  • Water-resistant surface.
  • Design includes alphabets and numbers.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compatible for all kind of floor.
  • The letters and numbers pops out.
  • Usable during kid’s tummy time, crawling or when they learning to stand.


  • Material is non-recycled and passed all tests.
  • Very comfortable for kids to play.
  • Has a large area to play and sleep over this.
  • Has light weight, easy to take with you.
  • This mats surface is soft and comfortable to crawl.
  • Thick enough to stay put and provide a cushioned, safe play area for the little ones.
  • Helps kids to learn alphabets and numbers.
  • The mat tiles can be clean easily with normal water and soap or normal cleaning solution (clorex free).
  • No batteries required.
  • This mat can last up to 10 years if you can use it properly.


  • There is no way to collect extra tiles if you want, you have to buy a full set.
  • Sometimes the tiles may break if you are not alert.


Q:    Where is this product made?

A:     This mat is made in Taiwan?

Q:   Is there has any border in this mat?

A:  Yes, there has extra edges but sold separately.

Q: How to clean this mat?

A: This is very easy to clean. You can clean this mat with normal wet cloth or just washed away with clean water.

Q: What is the age range for this product?

A:  There is no specific range till when you can use this mat. From 0 moths baby to walking kids can use this mat. Even sometimes elders also use this mat.

Q: Have the mat been tested?

A: Yes, this mat is tested and exceed all US regulations.

Q: What kind of floor is perfect for set this mat?

A: This mat is suitable for all kind of floors to spread out.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a suitable mat for your kid, then Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Alphabet Letters & Counting Numbers Soft Foam Learning Waterproof Playmates is perfect for you. It has all important features. This mat is waterproof. So it is perfect for baby. There is also much customer review available in  Amazon. You can read this review and take decision to buy this Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Alphabet Letters & Counting Numbers Soft Foam Learning Waterproof Playmates.