Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table Review

Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table is a great activity table to keep babies engaged in learning and endless fun activities. This table is cute and bound to bring smile to any baby weather they are walking, standing or crawling. This toy is gender neutral.  It features flashy light and melody songs which keep babies entertained for hours and hours. This toy is super easy to clean. As this table is lightly weighted it is easy to carry also. It has detachable legs. So the table top can be played on the floor. Your young baby can use this table to practice standing up also. It comes with comfortable height. The best part of this table is that it has a five note piano keyboard.

Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table is packed with lots of exciting features that will keep your baby entertained whole day. It has two volume settings. This table has two sides. On one side, there is a piano which includes five keys. Flashy lights, make this keys exciting to kids. These lights blink when the keys are pressed. In the center of the table there are four knobs. Each knob has picture of different animal on them. Surrounding these knobs, there is a rail, that has all English letters. There is also a train that can be run on it. When the train move on the letters, it makes sound like ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ ………. ‘ that helps to introduce kids to alphabets. The alphabet song is not electronic animated, it is sang by a recorded kid’s voice. There is a brake shift for train which activate the correspondent sound. A train whistle is also adjacent to it. This train is detachable. There is a knob that tells the time of the day and a butterfly with flapping wings, a tinny mirror has attached with one wing.

KEY FEATURES OF Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table

Designed to teach

This table provides simple learning concepts like animal color and shape identification, rain whistle, gear shift, spinner, butterfly mirror with wing which can be opened and closed, bumble bee glider, flower button that plays nursery rhyme, tunes, melodious sound effects and music. So, kids can learn a lot while playing with this toy.

Provides lots of fun

This table opens up endless entertainment before your baby’s eyes. Every part of this table makes sound of some sort. Your kids will love to sing and dance with these sounds. As every part of this table makes different types of sound, Kids never get bored hearing these. The piano keyboard with flashing light excites kids more. Those flashy light captures babys’ attention and make them attracted and engaged playing it.

Deatchable legs

The legs of this able are easily detachable. If your baby is too young, you can detach the legs so that your baby can play with the table top siting on floor. Moreover, you can carry the table wherever you go after detaching the legs.

Volumes are adjustable

This table has two volume settings. So it won’t make sound pollution while playing music. You can adjust volume according to your choice.


This music table is not heavy at all. So, you acn carry it wherever you go. This toy will entertain your child in outdoors also, and you can enjoy your time and relaxation.

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  • Product dimension is 22.8 x 13.8 x 16.8 inches.
  • Weight of the table is 4 pounds.
  • This toy is for 12 months to one year age babies.
  • Legs are detachable.
  • Five notes piano keyboard with flashy light.
  • Two volume settings along with on/off switch.
  • Provides simple learning concepts.


  • It is durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Light weighted.
  • Babies can use it to practise standing up.
  • Volume is controlled.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • The table top sits on floor.
  • 3AA batteries are included.


  • Legs are not sturdy enough.


Q: How can I clean the table?

A: Clean the table with a normal damp cloth. It is not washable.

Q: Is batteries included?

A: Yes. Batteries are included.

Q: What is the dimension of the table?

A: Dimension is 22.8 x 13.8 x 16.8 inches.

Q: Is the table heavy in weight?

A: No. It is portable for its light weight.

Q: What is the recommended age for use?

A: From 12 months to one year is recommended age for babies.

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Overall, Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table is a great choice for getting your kids occupied and engaged in learning alphabets, shapes, colors and music. Five notes piano keyboard with flashing light, learning concept, fun melodies make this table an eye-catching and excellent activity table. It guarantees hours of fun for your baby, so cherish the smile on your baby’s face and ensure that the baby’s smile last forever by purchasing this feature packed activity table. There is also much customer review available in  Amazon. You can read this review and take decision to buy this Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table.

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