Snug Square Baby Play Mat – Large, Comfortable Baby and Kids Play Mat

Snug Square Baby Play Mat – Large, Comfortable, Luxurious Baby and Kids Play Mat (Pink-Slate) is a large and super soft play mat for kids. Manufactured in China. It is a deluxe foam mat, that innovate your home also. The mat cover is very easy to clean. It has machine washable fabric cover. Great to spread on any floor. This mat is usable during baby’s tummy time, rolling, toppling and crawling time. Baby feels comfort when play. It has light weight so that you can easily roll up it and carry out wherever go. Don’t you think you are searching for this mat from a long time? Let’s have a journey about this mat’s knowledge.

This mat is so stylish with its simple but elegant design. It has multiple color schemes that make it easy to match with room decor. Child to adults everyone likes it. The bright color combination is the reason behind it.

This Snug Square Baby Play Mat has a cover which is washable. It has an extra waterproof cover.

This mat is slip resistant. The thickness and large area of this mat make it slip less. You don’t need to use any grip for it.

Soft cushion makes this mat more comfortable. Baby don’t get hurt if falls.

KEY FEATURES OF Snug Square Baby Play Mat

Snug Square Baby Play Mat is made of polyurethane foam and a polyester minky fabric cover. It is BPA free and Leads free. No chemical reaction for baby’s sensitive skin. The fabric cover is not harmful at all. These terms give this mat much durability to use it for a long time.

Large in size

Customers of baby play mats always take a look at the size at first. Because they want a safe and comfortable play zone for their very young baby. As though play mat is mainly for the babies who are start to roll on, crawling or learning to play own. Snug Square Baby Play Mat is perfect for its size. The dimension of the mat is 55 x 55 x 1.5 inches which is large enough to play. You can spread the mat anywhere want.

Luxurious look

Extra addition in this baby play mat is, it has an elegant look. The thick but perfect cushion, soft foam, and simple color make this mat very much attractive to the kids and adults both. Another this about this mat is it is adjustable with any room decoration because of its luxurious look.

Simple design

Snug Square Baby Play Mat is very simple in design. There has no gorgeous color combination or any kind of designs such as cartoons, alphabets etc. This simple design gives the mat elegant look in one way and makes perfect for all.

Easy to clean

This Snug Square Baby Play Mat is easy to clean. You can take off the cover and wash it in machine. The cover doesn’t shrink at all. You may put in the dryer on very low heat.


The mat is portable.  Weight is 6 lbs, and when you roll it up, it is a 55″ long like a cylinder. It comes with a carrying case. So that you can easily carry out the mat wherever you go for outdoor with the baby. This mat will give your baby a germ-free, comfortable and large play area in outdoor, which gives you relief.

Slip Resistant

This mat is slip resistant. Though the cover is made of fabric but the foam under the fabric provides good traction to it. Further, its large dimension and thickness don’t make to create any slip problem usually.

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  • Material is BPA free, Lead-free and Latex free.
  • Large in size.
  • Dimension of the mat is 55 x 55 x 1.5 inches.
  • Weight is 4.8 pounds.
  • Have comfort ability.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Cover of the mat is machine washable.
  • Elegant color combination.
  • It has a extra carry bag.
  • Ease to rolling up.
  • It has extra waterproof cover along normal fabric cover.


  • This BPA free mat is very helpful for baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is perfect for newborn babies and up.
  • Great to spread on any surface like tile or hardwood floor.
  • You can set it up over a carpet also.
  • Perfect use for baby’s tummy time, crawling, tumbling, rolling and playing time.
  • Luxurious look and soft foam give this mat more acceptability.
  • Thick enough to stay put.
  • Adults also can sit over it and can take rest.
  • It looks so fashionable with its simple design that easily matches with your room decor.
  • You can use this mat in outdoors also.
  • No batteries required.


  • Foam may break during remove the cover if you are not alert.


Q: Is the mat slip resistant?

A: Yes. Large dimension and thickness of the mat make is slip less.

Q: Where does the mat manufacture?

A: It was made in China.

Q: Is the mat waterproof?

A: No. But the extra waterproof cover for this mat is available in the shop.

Q: Can I use this mat in outdoor?

A: Yes. This mat is very easy to carry out with its carrying case.

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Every parent wants a safe zone to play for their up growing young babies. Snug Square Baby Play Mat is one of them. It is perfect for your young toddler. Baby feel comfort during tummy time, crawling, roll on, toppling, cuddle time. It will worth your money and time for sure. Most important thing is the mat is made of the best material which is not harmful to your baby at all. There is also much customer review available in Amazon. You can read this review and take the decision to buy this Snug Square Baby Play Mat.

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