Best Exersaucer Reviews for Baby 2016 – Top 10 Exersaucer

I have a 6 months baby. I buy a best exersaucer for her. Before buy this exersaucer for my baby, I do a lots of research for best baby exersaucer reviews. From my experience I am trying to provide you some information to choose your baby best exersaucer.

Best Baby Exersaucer age Recommendation

Before buy best baby exersaucer you have to consider your baby age. Normally from 5/6 months of age up until 18 months baby best age for baby use exersaucer. If your baby able to touch the ground when seated that time you can use exersaucer. Actually, it will depend on the model of baby exersaucer and your baby’s height.

Use exersaucer is safe for baby?

Exersaucer is the alternative of baby activity center. Baby exersaucer ensure secure play environment for your baby and and it is much safer than walkers. It help baby to control balance. Baby exersaucer is more secure and safe than bouncer, jumparoo and activity center.

Why you use Best Exersaucer?

Key points to use exersaucer for your baby.

  • Ensure secure baby play environment
  • Increase your baby skill from baby site.
  • It strong baby physically
  • Alternative of activity center, bouncer and jamparoo
  • It help you baby growth properly
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How you choice Best Exersaucer?

You have to consider those key point before choose your best baby exersaucer.

  • Made with plastic and high quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Adjustable height position
  • Convertible and easily storage
  • Enough activities and toys to develop baby skill

The Definitive Guide to Best Exersaucer Chart

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Top 10 Best Baby Exersaucer Reviews

From my market research experience I try to write exersaucer reviews so that you can choice best baby saucer for your baby.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Evenflo Exersaucer is best exersaucer for those kids who like to play. Specially those baby who love to play with animals. It has monkeys, chameleons and toucan birds as like as Amazon forest. This exersaucer is organized with lots of toys and fun activities. It has total 11 fun toys and activities for your cute baby. Every single toys are easily removable and adjustable.

Another awesome feature of this exersaucer it has fun music options to play. When your baby play in this exersaucer you or she can play music. It helps your baby to achieve ten developmental milestones. Your baby will dance with joy and it will increase your baby skill. There is included object exploration, fine motor skills, tactile development and others more. So this best baby activity center will help your baby to develop skill.

You can set up and optimize this best exersaucer according to your baby growth up. You can use this for your newborn. It has 3 functions with a stand out feature. It is convertible from an activity mat to an activity center and then to a table according to your baby age.

It is a small exersaucer. It is also convertible and storable. So this exersaucer is best for travel. It is easy to carry so you can move one place to another place with this exersaucer with your baby. It has carrying handle attach to traveling.

It is made with plastic. It is washable. If necessary you can wash this exersaucer. The exersaucer set is well padded. It is removable and machine washable.

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  • Made with plastic
  • It has 11 age-appropriate toys
  • It has fun music which help baby to achieve 10 developmental milestones
  • Machine washable and removable pad
  • Extended usage as your baby grows
  • Carrying handle attacted to make traveling
  • Exersaucer seat pad is machine washable.
  • Has playmat for 0-4 months baby
  • Activity center for 4 months to walking age child


  • Three position height adjustments grows with kids seat locks in multiple positions
  • Help to children grow mentally.
  • It is smaller that makes storage and travel easy.
  • Toys are easily removable and adjustable
  • Usable for newborn baby
  • Save alternative to walkers baby and it is include a variety of age-appropriate toys
  • It helps baby to achieve important developmental milestones.


  • This product is made with plastic so it is a little hard for baby.

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Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session

Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn provides a stable and safe environment for baby to play, jump and learn. There is more than 67 fun activities of toys. It developed in conjunction with the baby development institute to help children achieve important developmental milestones.

It has a bounce base provide children a soft and smooth landing pad that promotes stability in early improvement. For this soft landing pad you can choice is as best jumper. Children can bounce and jump in this pad easily. Extra bounce and jumps allows kids to exercise legs and body while being entertained. It is made with 100% polyester so it is so strong and more durable.

The smart electronic toys provides with one another providing baby with fun lights and music. The tons of electronics learning activities help babies to achieve important developmental milestones. And other more than 26 activities help children to achieve important developmental milestones.

This exersaucer is also important for baby physical exercise to improve baby’s back, neck and leg muscles and improve gross motor self skill. It provides baby a customization play experience and learning. It has an extra feature it provides wipe surface clean with cloth slightly moistened with water and mild soap. It is allow to air dry. So it is easy to dry.

Here is another special feature is its seat removable. This seat is well padded and machine washable. So it is easy to clean. If necessary you can clean this seat. It has three position height adjustable grows with baby to provide maximum product value. And it is equipped with a wide surrounding tray and the seat is span 360 degrees.

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  • Made with 100% polyester
  • More than 67 fun learning activities
  • Bounce base soft landing pad
  • Smart electronic toys included
  • Machine washable removable pad
  • Three height position adjustment
  • 360 degree rounded seat


  • Provides kids with play environment and secure learn
  • Tons of learning activities help babies to achieve important developmental milestones
  • Bounce base provides kids a soft and smooth landing pad
  • Landing pad promotes stability in early development
  • Electronic toys provides baby a lots of fun and sounds in 3 genies of music
  • The pad is removable and very easy to clean.


  • This exersaucer is not convertible.

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Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center – Forest Friends

Oribel Portaplay Activity Center added some really awesome and great features. It is three in one – an activity center, a play table and a bouncer. So it minimizes your expense. You don’t need to extra money for activity center, play table and bouncer. You get all in one.

Most of the exersaucer don’t have this feature – it is height adjustable. You don’t find this feature in many similar products. It has three level to adjust height so at 6 months baby feet will be near the ground. You can adjust this as your baby growth.

The exersaucer is actually foldable. So you can remove the toys easily. You can store this exersaucer under the bed, in closets and flat against walls. When you don’t need this exersaucer you can store this for next time use.

It is easily convertible into a play table. When your baby learn to walk and can move one place to another place independently this time you can convert this play table. This is perfect for writing, toy cars and books drawing.

The exersaucer comes with 5 fun and engaging toys which are targeted to many developmental stages to increase skill. Your baby can make fun with those toys and increase his skill from many sides. Your baby will learn with entertainment. It create an environment for this.

The seat is adjustable and machine washable so it is easy to clean. All single parts of this exersaucer is easy to wipe-down. The main drawback with the exersaucer is the price. You need to balance it out with extended and others use. You can also use this for your travel. You can easily store this in your travel bag.

But unfortunately this exersaucer has no extra storage bag to keep its parts.

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  • Convertible to play table
  • Adjustable height with baby grow
  • Easily store and movable
  • 5 organized skill developmental toys
  • The fabric seat is removable and easy to wipe-down
  • The fabric seat is machine washable


  • Easily convertible from an exersaucer to a play table
  • 3 adjustable height position
  • You can store this exersaucer easily
  • It is 360 degrees rotation
  • Baby can move around of the exersaucer
  • All toys are easy to access
  • Table, seat and toys are easy to clean


  • No extra storage bag for parts

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

You can choice Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo as your best exersaucer. You can choice this for your first baby too. This best baby jumperoo comes in market with all awesome features. It is a lovely jumperoo that keeps your baby busy, jumping around and safe. You can find everything for your baby in Rainforest Jumperoo.

After newly designed its frame it is so comfortable for baby. Its seat rotate 360 degrees so baby can play and interact from any side. It has five locations with a fun seat and toys on the platform which engage baby all the way around. The electronic toy at the front site keeps baby so exited. Baby enjoy this motion, lights and music that can be activated by kids spinning a drum.

For extended use the jumperoo has three height adjustments. You can extended the height with increasing your baby height. It has standing steel frame which helps your baby to jump safely. The soft spring covers keep your baby little fingers safe. It confirms 100% secure and safety for your baby. There is included a light-up musical piano which makes a good sound. Your baby enjoy this and dunce and jump with joy.

It encourages your baby healthy development. The Rainforest Jumperoo is designed to help encourage your baby healthy development. It will develop your baby spinning, jumping and moving in the baby jumper enhances large motor skills. The fun piano music engages your child’s visual and auditory senses. In this best exersaucer there has educations environment. This educations environment and system also enhance learning through discovery.

The another special feature  it is easy to use, move and store. The frame pivots to nested position. So it can be tucked away when you don’t need to use and simply fold so you can carry it from one place to another place.

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  • Seat spins 360 degrees so your children can discover toys all around
  • Easily adjustable to 3 different heights according to baby grows
  • Free-standing steel frame helps baby to jump safely.
  • Soft spring covers keep baby little fingers safe
  • Includes a light-up musical piano
  • It has two woodland friends spinners
  • Soft-sided overhead toy bar included with squirrel roller ball


  • Exersaucer has folds for easy storage and portability
  • Durable steel frame is easy to assemble
  • Promotes baby comfort and security
  • It has stimulating interactive play
  • It encourages baby healthy development
  • Easy to move, store and use


  • Unfortunately this exersaucer is not fold up for storage.

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Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker

Kolcraft Tiny Activity Walker is a JPMA certified baby activity center. It converts from seated walker to a walk behind walker according to baby grows. It helps your baby to learn the first step of walk. You can allow the back seat about 4-5 month. When their backs get stronger and try to walk you can remove this back seat. You can use this on carpet. It works well in carpet.

An another feature of this best baby saucer is the seat is well padded and machine washable. So your baby feel comfort when sit on it and enjoy to play. The seat is adjustable so it is easy to clean. If it is need to wash anytime you can wash this seat pad.

It will develop your baby activities. The baby best exersaucer provides toys for developmental activities and endless enjoyment from infancy through toddlerhood. The play tray include upright flower mirror with crinkle petals and textured stem, bead bar for motor and spinning balls for batting play skill development. It will help baby to learn with fun in different ways.

This best baby activity center is easy to storage and travel. Its special feature is fold for storage. If you don’t need this you can storage this and when need you can open this exersaucer. It is a very important and awesome feature. And it is perfect for travel. If you travel with your baby you can also carry this exersaucer. You can also carry this in your large best backpack diaper bag in traveling time.

The manufacturer gives one your warranty for this product. The exersaucer seat is adjustable with height. If your baby can support their body weight with their weights, legs between 15 and 26 ibs and is less than 32” tall only use for those.

The seat is height adjustable to grow with your baby but unfortunately the exersaucer is not height adjustable.

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  • Easily convertible from seated activity walker to a walk-behind walker
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Includes developmental baby activities
  • JPMA certified baby activity center
  • It has walker folds flat for travel and storage
  • For baby safety it has non-skid friction pads


  • It is convertible with your baby grows
  • Helps baby to develop motor skills
  • It entertain baby with different way
  • Easy to clean well padded seat
  • Easy to storage and travel
  • It has one year manufacturer warranty
  • Help your baby to learning work with fun


  • The height is not adjustable.

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Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

If you find exersaucer reviews with a great activity center this is for you. There are different kinds of baby tools that you can choose from depend on your baby age.

A great best baby exersaucer like the Baby

Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition

gives your little one the opportunity to entertain your baby and explore the neighborhoods.

It is design with all awesome features. It’s well padded seat provide secure support and additional comfort for baby. The seat is well padded, adjustable, removable and washable. If you want you can replace this seat and here is available adjustable seat in market. So you can easily find this. If necessary you can wash this seat padded. The seat is 360 degrees rotate. Your baby can move around of the exersaucer and can fun from every angle.

It has multiple play modes. An interesting feature of this exersaucer is it has electronic piano. It has realistic piano notes, classical melodies and language discovery. This unique piano has multiple language English, Spanish and French. Your baby can play with different mode like language mode, melody mode and can create own tunes in piano mode. So here are many options to choice for your entertaining baby.

It has more than 12 activities toys. In around of the baby exersaucer there are different toys a light up musical piano station to head chasers, fun baby Einstein characters and spinner toys. It has removable toys options. If you want you can add here different toys. It has a light up piano features volume control and three modes of play those are melodies, plush material and silly sounds.

This best baby activity center has five adjustable height positions. You can adjust this to five different height position to grow with your baby. But this exersaucer is not perfect for baby walk. You can only use this for your baby activity center.

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  • It has secure support, added adjustable height
  • Seat is well padding to provide additional comfort for baby
  • It’s 360 degree rotate seat gives baby full access to toys
  • Five adjustable height settings position grow with baby
  • Different language fun activity stations includes
  • It has 12+ activities surround baby
  • Includes light up piano station in front of baby seat
  • Removable and washable seat pad


  • It securely ensure baby comfort
  • Baby gathers multi-sensory experiences
  • Removable and adjustable baby toys
  • Its secure support seat confirm baby comfort and secure seating.
  • The padded seat is easy to clean
  • It is really easy to remove


  • It cannot help your baby in walk.

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Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Fisher price is a great source of entertainment. If you find a best exersaucer with tons of entertainment options it is perfect for your baby. This exersaucer entertain your baby from different angle.

It is built for physical, musical and all around full. An awesome feature of this exersaucer is it has a piano. Every single press of the piano keys gives you’re your baby developing co-ordination and it gross motor skills boost. Your baby can moves an plays easily. The fine and gross motor skill are getting tuned up with your baby. It creates different kind of sounds. It discovering that their actions make beautiful happen and an introduction to cause an effect. The sound will help your baby to increase and develop his sense. The lights, music and sound are catch baby’s attention and helping to stimulate momentous senses.

Grow your baby with four ways. Your little baby won’t miss a beat with four funs. It will grow your baby step by step. If you remove the soft keyboard mat for tummy time or play and lay. Your baby can move around of this exersaucer and entertainer for all around play. If you want you can remove the seat then toddlers can jam and the music grow with baby. There are 3 songs which encourage your baby grow up early learning.

This exersaucer has all additional features. It has musical fun is all around. You baby can grow up with mare than 20 activities with awesome sounds and lights. It has a musical keyboard on top for fine finger fun and has an awesome interactive keyboard below for foot play.

But unfortunately the seat height is not adjustable. You cannot adjust its height with your baby grow.

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  • It’s weight is only 2 pounds and battery life is 90 hours.
  • Is has super sized soft keyboard mat
  • It gets little feet to move to beat
  • To encourage fine motor skills it have hand keyboard
  • It has light up drums for visual and audio stimulation
  • For toddlers it has activity table
  • Sliding music not clickers included in this exersaucer
  • It has soft and removable play mat for tummy time or lay and play.


  • Awarded baby exersaucer
  • Its stationary walker encourages baby first steps.
  • Baby entertain with spinning seat for all around play.
  • All around of the exersaucer it has more than 12 toys.
  • It increase and develop baby skills with different ways.
  • Grows baby with 4 ways.
  • It has three songs to encourage baby early learning
  • Great source of baby entertainment


  • Unfortunately the seat height is not adjustable

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Evenflo – ExerSaucer Activity Center, Mega Splash

Evenflo – ExerSaucer Activity Center is best baby exersaucer for improve baby mentally and physically. It have all awesome features which your baby will love. It will help your baby to improve all kinds of skill and provide entertainment. Evenflo Mega ExerSaucer helps babies to get the exercise and to develop their physically. This exersaucer develop their neck, leg and back muscles in additions it helps to gross motor skill.

This exersaucer has all awesome features with a convenient removable and dishwasher safe snack tray. You can adjust the height of the exersaucer with your baby in 3 position of height as your baby grows. It is an important feature of this activity center. For this you can yes this for your new born baby and different times.

The seat is well padded and machine washable. An another great feature – it is removable. If you want you can replace this with a new one seat pad. In market different kinds of seat pad is available. As it is machine washable so it is easy to clean. So anytime if necessary it is very easy to clean and wash.

You can use this alternative of walkers. It provides secure environment of baby play and confirm age appropriate tyshelps develop gross-motor skills. It develops so many skill like fine-motor skills, object exploration, self-awareness, cause/effect learning, tactile development, object permanence, visual development and hand eye co-ordination landscaped tray surrounds your child.

For the 3 height adjustment position it bringing the toys closer to your baby. Your baby can easily get in touch the toys and play with them. There is no music player. It will net create any sound.

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  • It has three position height adjustments
  • It is removable and convertible
  • The seat is removable and machine washable.
  • It is Bright starts – cute critter activity jumper
  • It is Disney – princess walker and pretty princess
  • Age-appropriate toys helps develop gross motor skill
  • Develop baby self awareness skill
  • It creates fine-engine abilities, cause/impact laearning, gross-engine aptitudes, mindfulnss, object investigation, material advancement, object lastingness, deftness and visual improvement.


  • Adjustable with baby grows and height
  • Easy to move and easy to clean
  • The seat is machine washable so it is easy to clean
  • Alternative of baby walker
  • Provides a secure environment for baby play and entertainment
  • Increase baby skill in deferent ways


  • It has no music

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Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

Bright start Activity Center Zippity Zoo is a best entertaining activity station for your baby. Your baby can learn walking, play and growth his skill with this exersaucer. The seat is adjustable and it allows baby to walk around the activity table. On the activity table many toys organized there. Your baby can make fun with those toys.

As this seat is movable it will help your baby to learn walking by moving around the outside of the exersaucer. You can use this for your elder toddlers. The seat is adjustable and removable so if necessary you can remover for elder toddlers to play independently with the activity table.

The dimension of this exersaucer is 27.9 inches x 13.7 inches x 21.7 inches. The shipping weight of this exersaucer is 17.1 pounds. So it is a little hard to move one place to another place. The recommended age to use this exersaucer is 6 months. It will help your baby to learn walk within a short time. You have to provide 3 C batteries to activate music songs and other functionality of this activity center which make this more attractive.

You can use this for many thinks like as your baby walker, to develop your baby skill, as a toddler activity table and as a activity center. The activity of this exersaucer encourage your baby to walk more. So your baby can learn to walk within a short time. The baby will walk with enjoy. It ensure secure baby walking so it less parents worried.

When your baby will be a little big and he/she will enough confident to walk independently without support, you can remove the seat.

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  • Seat 360 degrees rotation
  • Baby can walk easily around play table
  • 15+ activities and toys including piano station with 3 play modes
  • It is use flip book to activate melodies, piano and silly sounds
  • It has 3 in 1 around we go activity center
  • It is award winning activity station
  • The seat is easily removable
  • The fabric seat is washable and removable
  • The height of the set is around 12 to 14 inches


  • Your baby can move easily around the exersaucer
  • Your big kids also can play
  • Piano station and its awesome sound keep you baby you full of entertainment
  • This exersuacer is organized with multiple toys
  • The fabric seat is easy to wash
  • Two kids can play together
  • It is full of entertainment for kids.

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Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends

For a number of reasons you can choice Evenflo Exersaucer as you best exersaucer. This exersaucer is made from high quality materials and very durable plastic so it is strong and safe for your baby. Your baby can bounce easily in this exersaucer. If help your newborn baby to grew up. It is not only exersaucer it is also a activity table and is extendable help your baby to grow without any problem.

For height adjustment here is 3 positions. You can increase its height according to your baby height. So when your baby grow up day by day you can also increase this height. So it is a very awesome feature of this exersaucer. This best baby activity center is fit for your baby physical position. It ensure you baby play environment and provides baby with secure learn and physical exercise.

Evenflow Exersaucer comes with many extra features. It is not so big so you can store this exersaucer in a small space. It will not cover large space. Evenflow expersaucer organized with different baby toys. So baby can gather enough play experience. It is not only for play there is many toys for customization learn. Baby can make fun and enjoyment with this exersaucer, there are 11 kinds of toys that they can play with. Those toys are enough close to baby.

Those toys are not only for play it will improve gross motor skills with physical exercise. It has physical exercise options which develop baby’s back, neck and leg muscles. The exersaucer seat has 360 rotations. So your baby can move around easily. This best baby saucer provide maximum product value and help to baby grow up. It also work as like as best jumper.

This best baby activity center is machine washable and seat pad is easily removable. You can wash this seat pad when necessary. But unfortunately, this exersaucer have no option for play music.

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  • Three position height adjustment
  • Organized with baby toys
  • Enough toys for customizable learn and play experience.
  • Improve gross motor skills with physical exercise
  • Has physical exercise option which develop baby’s leg muscles, neck and back
  • Enough toys closer to baby
  • Machine washable and easy removable seat pad
  • Exersaucer seat have 360 rotation.


  • Create baby play environment and provides baby with secure learn
  • Help to baby growth up and provide maximum product value
  • Improve baby skill in different way.
  • Helps baby to bouncing and jumping
  • It is machine washable so it is easy to clean.


  • There is no option to play music.

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Final Verdict

For your baby growth properly exersaucer is very necessary. Baby exersaucer is a full package of three in one. You can use this as jamparoo, bouncer and baby activity center. I hope you get a total idea about baby exersaucer to read those above exersaucer reviews. Hope you can choice your best baby activity center.

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