Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table Review

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is an endless entertaining activity table. This table entertain babies with funny sound, melodies and lights. Kids can play and explore more with it. It is not only entertaining but also educational. It opens up the world of music in front of your baby’s eye. It begins with an actual piano style keyboard for kid’s musical experiment. There is three language settings in this music table. So kids can easily learn colors, name, shapes, numbers in English, Spanish and French.

The music table is not heavy. It won’t hurt at all if it falls over into baby. Parents can carry the toy anywhere by detaching the table’s legs. The table don’t need much place to set down. It is easy to clean up. You can clean this with a normal cloth. This table has two volume settings, which is not too loud. It has an off switch button.

It has flipbook, piano, guitar and drum stations. Flipbook station works as mood selector for the table that allows babies to toggle from music to language discovery. There is a piano station which introduces baby’s colors and numbers in English, Spanish and French language. The multi-sound drum pad has features of multiple drum sound and counts in English, Spanish and French. When your baby strum in the music table then the guitar activates lights and plays with different melodies. French horn rattle ball spinner activates French horn sounds.

This table is perfect for pre-walkers. They can lean on the table for support during playtime. This table also helps kids to stand and start to walk.

Key Features of Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table


Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table has long durability. The material of this toy is not unsafe for the kids. It has no chemical effect over babies’ sensitive skin.

Light Weight

The table is very light in weight. It is only 5 pound. Toddlers can easily pick this table up and carry it around because of its weight. Parents can carry this table with them whenever they go out.

Volume Control

There are so many toys that have suddenly lost their batteries, because they are just too loud. But The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is not like other ordinary toys. It has two volume settings; neither of which is too loud. So, kids don’t face any kind of irritations which usually creates from high volumes.

Legs are Detachable

This table has three legs as triangle. If your baby is too young the legs are easy to take off for play on the floor with the musical part only. When baby is learning to stand or trying to walk then you can attached the legs.

Attractive shape and colors

The shape and color of this table is really eye-catching. There has four shapes, they are – square, triangle, circle and star. So kids can easily learn the shape name and can identify them. This table consists of five colors. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange. You can introduce your baby with those colors and teach them about the colors name.

Educational Interaction

Each and every part of this music table is educative for kids. Such as shapes, colors, numbers, languages, music. Babies can learn three languages. There has a button which is switchable. You can switch it on in any one of languages. So, kids can learn a lot during their playtime with this table.

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  • Weight of this table is 5pounds.
  • The dimension of the table is 23 x 15 x 5.2 inches.
  • Each legs of this table are 13 inches.
  • It is not portable.
  • This table is durable and long lasting.
  • The color and shape of this table is cool and attractive.
  • Usable for both, baby girl and baby boy.
  • 3 AAA battery is required.
  • Battery life is 51.07 hours.
  • This product is not washable.
  • Easy to carry.


  • It is long durable.
  • No chemical affect.
  • Don’t need large place to keep the table.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No need to worry about charging it.
  • The legs are detachable.
  • Has controlled volume.
  • Babies can experience multiple language with this toy.
  • Entertains kids with funny and melody sounds.
  • Babies can learn to pronounce new words with its sound system.


  • There is a flap, where babies finger can stuck on it.


Q: Is the table durable?

A: Yes. This table has long durability.

Q: What is the dimension of this product?

A: The dimension of the table is 23 x 15 x 5.2 inches.

Q: Are the table legs detachable?

A: Yes. You can detach the table whenever want.

Q: Is it too heavy? Can I carry it while going out?

A: It is very light in weight. Yes, you can carry it with you anywhere.

Q: Does this include the batteries?

A: Yes. It needs 3 AAA batteries required.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is an excellent feature packed activity toy. Babies will like superficial light, funny and melodious sound and discoveries cause and effect. This table is perfect for pre-walkers. There is also much customer review available in Amazon. You can read this review and take decision to buy this baby playing table.